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FH000026 (by ken-chang)

they say trust lays the foundation of a relationship

You say you love me but I don’t understand. Why you can’t just put more trust in me? I’ve overlooked and forgotten your corrupted past. I still accepted you and met you as a new person and I lay my heart out for you to nurture and care for. I have trust in you but why can’t you do the same? Why do you let your friends’ first-time judgment of me cloud your own judgment? No matter how many times I explain myself you don’t seem to listen. It is getting so difficult for me because you always doubt that I will run off and do disloyal things behind your back while you are away.

Being with you made me lose friends, and I was okay with that. I lost connections with wonderful, caring, insightful people, I lost my spiritual community, my health, and I thought it wouldn’t matter because I have you. I was okay, but now I am not so sure.

Who do you think I am. If these passive-aggressive accusations do not stop, I don’t think I can hold on any longer. My tolerance is running thin and I will not let my self-confidence and self-trust be destroyed because of your destructive paranoia.

posted 6 hours ago